The Acts of the Church Member

Doctor Luke wrote the book of Acts to chronicle the spread of the early church. He entitled the letter the “Acts of the Apostles”, but in reality he records the Acts of Jesus through the Apostles. While I will defer to the brevity of Luke on the titling of his wonderful letter, we should consider what those early believers did, and what we can do, through the power of our resurrected Savior.

They began as a small group fully in love with Christ, and filled with the Holy Spirit. The result was a full manifestation of the power of God in their lives. They were individuals, so the manifestation was different in each case, but the end product was the same: the conversion of those who were without Christ.
Individuality is a cherished thing within the Christian faith, but conformity to Christ is the needed thing. Peter and John were entirely different personalities, yet with Jesus they appeared almost identical to unbelievers. Their particular identities — their mannerisms, their strengths, their preferences — faded to the background while the “mind of Christ” [Phil. 2] came to the fore. Each of these disciples of Jesus understood the “mystery” of God’s grace that would be made known through them among the Gentiles; namely, Christ in them, and Christ in us, is the hope of glory [Col. 1:26-29].
So what does this mean for us in our modern age? Is there a different formula for success or accomplishment in Christ? Does God need more dynamic leaders? Does He need more fiery preachers? Does He need religious zealots? No! God simply needs yielded men and women, who will place their individuality, their goals, their hopes and dreams in Christ. Christ will then do great “acts” through them. This is the great truth of the Acts of the Apostles. This is the great need for the Acts of the Church Member in this generation!

Challenge Thought: What can you freely yield to Christ, this week, to see His power and presence work through you to accomplish an Act for His glory?

– Pastor