God’s Way or the world’s way?

Moses in his final warnings to the nation of Israel explained to them in Deuteronomy 11:10-17 the need for obedience in order to ensure God’s blessing.  Specifically in this passage God through Moses is speaking to the Israelites about the necessity of rain for their crops in the Promised Land.  The rain they needed would only come as they were obedient to the Law and kept their hearts from being snared by the idols of the people in the land.  He compared that life of faith to the manufactured watering of the crops in Egypt.  (Deut. 11:10)  Agriculture in Egypt was dependent on irrigation by the ancient mode of raising water from the Nile or from the canals that were cut through Egypt, which was by means of waterwheels turned by foot.

In Egypt, man’s wisdom produced an engineering feat.  In the Promised Land no such genius could be found to guarantee the sufficient watering of the crops.  God would have to guide the weather patterns and send the life-sustaining rains in the early and latter seasons.  God’s way is the way of faith, total dependence upon Him, forged out of a life of consistent obedience.  The world’s way is to fix the problem through the cunning and craftiness of man’s know-how.

The question is: Are you manipulating your way through life, or are you living a life of faith based on God’s Word?  God’s blessing is only on those who live by faith in His Word.  In what ways have you fallen into the world’s pattern of living?  What changes do you need to make to become more faithful and obedient to Christ?

Pastor Brian Fulcher.