What Legacy Will You Leave?

Most people want to do something that will leave a legacy.  We want our lives to be remembered for something greater than ourselves.  Some seek to leave a legacy, or become memorialized, by donating enough funds to have their name on a building.  Others seek to publish great works that will last through the ages.  Many want to accomplish some great feat of fame and fortune so as to be remembered in the history books. Those perhaps more noble hope to leave a favorable impression on a child, a student, or grandchild.

In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 14, we find a story of a lady who was memorialiIzed by Jesus Christ.  He proclaimed that her story would be told throughout the world.  She did not win a battle, change a government or manage a great enterprise.  She simply did what she could to honor Christ.  Mary of Bethany humbled herself, gave what she had and honored her Lord. For this expression of faith, we know her story.

What legacy will you leave? As Christians, our goal should be not to achieve some measure of recognition by our peers that draws attention to us. Rather, we should simply acknowledge the authority of Christ in our life, and humbly share Him with others.

Paul Jorgenson