Denial and Death

The absurdity of atheist man lies in his determination to make himself god in defiance of the certainty that he is separated from the grave by no more than the next step, the next breath, the next heartbeat. The atheist strives to validate himself by proving his ascendancy over history (classic Marxism), over society (political Marxism), over ethics (cultural Marxism) and most recently over nature itself (environmental Marxism). This new and virulent strain of Marxism seeks to return the physical world to its original pristine state even as the other strains of Marxism seek to return mankind to a state of guiltless innocence.

But nobody has yet devised a philosophical or material intervention that offers the certainty of cheating death. Denial, in one guise or another, is the only contingency.

There is a more sensible way, of course, but to those invested in grandiose images of their own deity the prospect of yielding control to a greater sovereign is a thought too odious to contemplate. Jesus Christ offers eternal life, but only on His terms, and some will defiantly choose death before surrender.

Edward Thal