Education: Secular and Christian

Post-modern society strips children of security and hope. They are taught that God is dead, our institutions are corrupt, our people are racist and our future is doomed by global warming. Children are taught to value multiculturalism, burying their individuality in tribal identities. Violence is romanticized and sex is distorted and promoted.

By contrast, children raised in Christ-honoring, Bible-believing homes and educated in church schools are raised to be self-disciplined, independently responsible, goal-orientated and hardworking. Life has meaning and purpose for them because they are answerable to an all-knowing, infinitely superior God who loves them.

There can be no true teaching outside of Jesus Christ. Life must precede knowledge! Knowledge acquired for its own sake, apart from God and ignoring God, produces death. (Genesis 2:9; 16-17; 2 Corinthians 3:1-6)