Small Church, Big Church?

By Autumn Fugate /

 Small church? Big church? People have different opinions about where they want to be. I have had the good fortune of attending both big and small churches. The big churches allowed me to watch several growing ministries effectively operated by people in leadership, while Bluegrass Baptist Church has allowed me to put into practice some of the things I learned from watching others.

My family and I began attending Bluegrass in 2011. At previous churches I had been involved in several different ministries: I helped with bus routes, taught lessons for junior church, sang every opportunity I could find, and did whatever else anyone asked me to do. There was always something to work on, clean, or organize.

However, I am the kind of person who would rather be behind the curtain making sure other people smoothly execute their roles, and large churches provided many opportunities to serve the Lord in the background. But God knew that moving me to a church where my comfort would be challenged little by little, would grow and prepare me for future ministry opportunities.

How was I going to get involved? Everyone already seemed to have a place of service, so how would I find mine? How would I get to the point where Bluegrass Baptist Church became my church instead of a church?

I was quickly given the answers to these questions. Small churches do not have places to hide. At Bluegrass, I did not always want to participate in some of the activities or ministries; I wanted to serve, but fear of doing things wrong, and being noticed, crippled me. However, once I began to realize that God had placed me here and had given me talents and abilities to serve Him and not anyone else, I began to involve myself in ministry.

As time progressed and the Lord opened more opportunities to serve, I started singing in the choir, helping in nursery, Peewee Club, Truthopolis, Gospel Blitz, and showing up for every activity that I was able to attend. I quickly found that sitting in my seat doing nothing but simply absorbing what was happening around me would not help me feel a part of the church. I found that allowing God to grow me, and doing my best in every ministry I touched, not only helped the church to grow and strengthen, but also allowed me to feel that Bluegrass Baptist Church is my spiritual home and family.