Are You Religious?

By Edward Thal /

If religion is defined as a set of beliefs about the cause, nature and purpose of the universe, and man’s place within it, then it is clear that even atheists are religious. By the same measure, belief in evolution is a religion just as much as Marxism—or any other ideology that purports to offer life principles applicable to all mankind—is a religion.

The question, then, is whether all religions are equally true? If some are less true than others, or offer only partial truth, how may they be identified and should they be partially or wholly discarded? This in turn raises the ultimate question that confronts every human being: what is Truth? Surprisingly, in all of human history only one man has ever claimed to be the very embodiment of Truth (John 14:6).

Jesus Christ, who claimed not merely to speak Truth but to be Truth is the founder of the only True religion.

Yet “religion” is a pale term that doesn’t really convey what Jesus founded and still infuses with His life every day. Religion is about external rituals and regulations where the focus is not so much on the god that is the object of worship as it is on the subjective efforts of the worshipper. Jesus worship, on the other hand, is about imbibing, not striving; drinking daily from the fountain of life, not laboring daily to dig the well.

When Christians get it wrong all they have left is empty religion.