Intimations of Disaster

By Edward Thal

     “Hath God said?”

The challenge that captivated Eve in the Garden of Eden has echoed loudly through the millennia and resonates still in the ears of those who are impatient with the rule of a Creator God. They want to coronate themselves in His stead.

These utopian socialists have risen to command the heights of Western culture and temporal power. They wield a pervasive influence that is neatly defined by a social commentator who observed that the sixties radicals are still with us, but now they do not paralyze the universities, they run them. And much else besides. The judicial system, government bureaucracy at all levels, education, the arts, television, radio, print media and films are influenced or directly controlled by those who see themselves as standing in the vanguard of a new age that will bring Eden again.

The impulse to self-deification grows out of a denial of the possibility of God: those who deny God feel compelled to validate themselves and their life’s purpose by acting in God’s stead. In doing so they unwittingly mimic that ancient and baleful spirit whom Scripture records as declaring, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:13-14).

A passion to heal all of the world’s real or imagined ills is inspired by this impulse to deity. Self-identified impediments to world “progress” must be addressed. Social injustices demand urgent attention. The earth itself needs urgent repair. Global warming is an urgent threat. Individuals and nations that deny such urgency and necessity and the consequent remedies as decreed by wise utopian political priests are not merely selfish and short-sighted, they are evil!

So an affluent opinionated class of people with no compass outside of their personal whims and egos preys on society to achieve power and control that will facilitate the implementation of their “enlightened”, “inclusive”, “tolerant”, “compassionate”, politically correct, earth-friendly policies whose aim is to bring the human race, and nature itself, to a state of happy and peaceful equilibrium – without any reference to a moral, omnipotent God. A key to success is the destruction of the old order. In a return to the days of bread and circuses that marked the fall of Rome, the mechanisms of the Western democratic system are perverted by limiting freedom (politically correct speech codes is an egregious example) while promoting the illusory freedom of individual moral license as a trade-off.

At the same time an obsession with “rights” is cultivated, continually expanding individual and group rights at the expense of collective sanity. Criminal’s rights, illegal immigrant’s rights, enemy combatant’s rights, pornographer’s rights, homosexual rights and the right to murder unborn and even partially born children take precedence over order, reason, honesty and propriety. All moral distinctions that impinge on these “rights” are declared invalid. Respect for tradition and religion is denigrated even as a new and pristine social consciousness is promoted.

This so-called “progressive” movement towards utopia is, of course, itself a religion. It views human nature as the pinnacle of evolution and therefore as infinitely malleable, able to be formed by human will and the rearrangement of social institutions until utopia is achieved, with Nietzsche’s ruling “supermen” (ubermensch) in charge.

The day of the ubermensch is fast approaching. Are you ready for it?