Jesus Christ: The Sum of All Things

By Edward Thal /

Logic and reason, not faith, leads us to Jesus Christ. He is a mystery beyond all mysteries, impenetrable to human reason, yet reason points to Him as the compelling necessity in answer to every problem regarding the human condition.

Faith, by contrast, leads us in Jesus Christ to reconciliation and union with our Creator.

All roads point to Jesus Christ, but only He leads to God.

Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of all things, and the Enabler of all possibilities between The Beginning and The End. Nothing exists without Him; nothing exists apart from Him; nothing is possible without His Consent.

He is a mystery as large as the universe and as small as the microscopic invisibility of life at conception.

He is God, the Word of God, the Logos and the Devarim (from the Hebrew, the Word as a virtually palpable entity).

He is God the Expression of God; the Essence of God; the Effulgence of God; the Extra-Dimensional Reality of God and God encapsulated in human flesh as the Enabler of cosmic reconciliation with Himself.

He is God, The Life.

He is God, The Way.

 He is God, The Truth.

 He is as powerful as the Sun, as 100 billion suns in 100 billion galaxies.

He is more terrifying than a volcano within an earthquake and brighter than the birth of a new star.

He is as gentle as a baby’s smile and the gossamer mist of dawn.

The End of Everything—

is to be bound up in the bundle of Life with Him;

or to be separated forever from Him in the outer utter darkness of eternal death.