What’s In Your DNA?

By Edward Thal /

In every living thing there is a center, the primary DNA that informs all of the existence of the thing and differentiates it from all other things. God is the author of DNA and the center of all Creation. The tragedy of the Fall described in the third chapter of Genesis is a conscious rejection of God’s sovereignty, placing man at the center of himself.

The absurdity of man’s situation is evident in his subsequent efforts to validate himself, culminating in the modern age by a claim to ascendency over history (classic Marxism), over ethics (cultural Marxism) and over nature itself (environmental Marxism). The ultimate aim is to restore man to a state of guiltless innocence while ignoring the truth that rejection of God forever destroyed his innocence.

Alas, innocence is not the only thing that dies when God is cast aside. Reason dies since it is impossible to apply honest logic in comprehending the core issues of existence when the first cause of existence is ignored. Reason was once understood as the characteristic that distinguishes man from the rest of nature, but we now understand ourselves by studying the behavior of animals! Both God and morality become obsolete as enlightened humanists turn to neuroscience to understand the human condition.

God in turn heaps scorn on such futility, going so far as to say I will destroy the wisdom of the wise (1 Corinthians 1:19).

Honest logic is the best antidote to foolishness. When we admit the folly of accepting (as evolutionary theory would have us believe) that our earliest human ancestor was a lifeless rock (or space dust) we take a big step towards truth. The next step is to acknowledge that something in the center of our being is broken beyond our ability to repair it.

The Apostle Paul said of his condition: the good that I would I do not, but the evil which I would not, that I do. His dilemma made him cry out, wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me…? (Romans 7:19,24).

Paul discovered, as many before him and since have discovered, that the solution to the human condition lies outside of us and beyond us and before us, in God, our Creator.

When logic and reason bring us in this way to acknowledge God the next step is one of faith in God to heal what is broken in us. It is faith born of desperation that grows out of an appraisal of our true condition and the awful awareness that despite out best efforts and our most enlightened theories we are helpless to fix it. If God does not help us, we are beyond help.

At this point, at last, we see Christ.

Through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are not offered solutions or theories or courses of action but the one thing we need: new Life! This life emerges neither from what we know nor is a development of it – it is a new creation, wholly an act of God, distinct from everything in our experience. It touches our center, and transforms it.

What’s in your DNA?