By Tim Lynn

One of the biggest faults of today’s society is the lack of commitment. It ranges from adults, teens, and kids. There is a major lack of commitment to jobs, school, sports teams, church; the list could go on. People are so quick to give up responsibility and back out of commitments. While there are many reasons for this lack of character and selfish behavior, there needs to be a renewed commitment to faithfulness in the lives of the people who call themselves Christians. There are three areas in which Christians must be faithful.

The first area that a Christian must be faithful in is their walk with God. Time with God is put on the back burner in the life of many believers. They let other things and relationships consume their time. God is not their number one priority. They say, “if everything else gets accomplished, then I’ll read my Bible and pray today.” Or as they’re falling asleep they remember to read their Bible, and squeeze 5 minutes of God into their day. Those types of scenarios are getting more and more frequent with today’s Christians. God is not where He needs to be in their lives. He is not a priority. If you want true success in life, make your walk with God the number one priority (Joshua 1:8). Be faithful to God.

Secondly, family needs to be a priority. Too often, adults get consumed with their jobs because they have to pay off debt. Or, both the husband and the wife are working so family time goes out the window. Children and teenagers are involved in multiple sports, spending time with friends, and are constantly connected with technology which hinders quality family time. The family unit needs to be a priority. Parents need to realize that their time with their kids is more important than their jobs or material possessions. You can not buy your love for your kids, love is demonstrated best to them through time. Kids also need to do their part as well. There needs to be limits on sports, friends, and technology. Faithfulness to the family unit must be a priority.

Lastly, church needs to be a priority (Hebrews 10:24-25). Church attendance is becoming less and less important to people. Christians should not let activities, people, or possessions get in the way of church. Satan uses these types of things so people “don’t have time” for church. You need to make time! If God and your family are a priority, then church will be a priority because both of those relationships will be strengthened by church. Things come up. Life happens – I know. But church attendance needs to be a priority.

Be faithful to God, family, and church.