Walking With God In Troubled Times

By Edward Thal / 

Because God’s ways are not our ways we frequently find ourselves questioning events that don’t meet our expectations for the fulfillment of God’s promises. This is why it is so important for us to trust God and to always walk in step with Him, never getting ahead of of Him or lagging behind.

The disconnect between God’s perspective and our perspective plays out vividly in the Biblical account of Israel’s struggles in their transition from slaves in Egypt to dwellers in Canaan. They struggled because they did not trust God; they did not trust God because they did not know God; and they did not know God because they saw Him not for who He is but only for what He could give them. Their dream of promise and plenty became a nightmare of frustration, futility and faithlessness in the wilderness, in their failure to completely subdue Canaan, and in their collapse during the time of the Judges.

Quite simply, living victoriously with God requires that we have the courage to walk with Him every day, following His lead, despite every obstacle. The one standout in Israel after the Exodus was Joshua, but his great achievement was not the conquest of the Promised Land, it was of his own ambitions and fears as he faithfully served the Lord all the days of his life.

Joshua had a clear understanding of who he was in relation to his God and God’s purpose in relation to himself. He was an able and effective leader because He had vision. We may say that he had a positive worldview that was uncomplicated but powerful: God is the Great and Mighty King and I will do anything He tells me.

Joshua became an instrument of God who had lost his will in the will of God. He was effective because he wanted nothing for himself. He was a man who wielded great power but had no personal ambition and sought no personal glory. Such a man is a contradiction in the world and is marked for greatness, in this world and the next.

The same principles apply to the least of us who name Jesus Christ as Lord. Don’t seek the status of God’s hero but of God’s slave and you will prevail in every circumstance of life.