News From A Country We Have Never Visited


By Edward Thal /

The things that we think are important to us in this life will betray us if we make them our Gods. The good things we seek are merely shadows of what we really desire: we may not know it, we may not believe it, but what we seek, and what we need, is God.

If we mistake the shadows for God Himself, these things – not necessarily bad things – become dumb idols that will break our hearts. C.S. Lewis expressed it beautifully when he said the things we treasure in this life apart from God, “are only the scent of a flower we have not found, the echo of a tune we have not heard, news from a country we have never visited.”

In other words, things that we view as good are just a pale reflection, weak echoes, of a much greater reality. That reality is God.

 Many people turn to religion in their search for God. But religion fails terribly in bringing us closer to God by trying to interpret God or explain God and by substituting things for God – rules, rituals, images – that in the end only obscure God and make Him inaccessible.

The truth is, God is very near to each of us and wants to be discovered by each of us. A passage in Scripture tells us (Romans 10:6-9) not to ask who will go up to heaven to bring Christ down to earth, or who will go down to the place of the dead to bring Christ back to life again, but that the truth is so near to us that all we have to do is believe it and receive it.

You don’t have to be heroic or do anything heroic to meet God: all you need do is seek Him.

But if you are a skeptic you will have a problem with this idea that probably goes something like this: “I’m not sure about the existence of God, and even if I was, why should I believe that Jesus Christ is God? To me, he’s just a swear-word.”

To answer the last point first, the sad fact is that it is easier to blaspheme God than to submit to Him. As to the question of God’s existence, the Bible says only fools reject the idea of God because evidence of Him is all around us. If you don’t see Him it’s because you don’t want to see Him.