What if God is Not Enough for You?

By Edward Thal /

You appoint yourself in His place!

After years of assigning God to the margins of society an impulse to self-deification seems to be the response of increasing numbers of our fellow citizens who have established a new home-grown religion complete with priests (the all-wise, all-knowing, talking heads on television), and politician-pastors, and fervent acolytes promoting dogmatic beliefs every bit as sacred as holy writ from every high and holy media hill, including films, TV, newspapers, magazines and electronic feeding troughs like Facebook and Twitter.

The lexicon is extensive, providing moral superiority to believers who are fed daily sermons declaring that our founders were corrupt, our people are racist, our greed is revolting and our future is doomed by climate change. We are taught to check our privilege, maintain political correctness at all costs and value multiculturalism, burying our individuality in tribal identities. Tolerance is the new Golden Rule, a vague and ill-defined notion better felt than explained that assigns those branded as intolerant to the lowest levels of hell and justifies almost any action to send them there.

The impact of this tidal wave of secular scripture on society at large is the spread of a polluted, shallow, dangerous culture that denies history, tradition and social decency while elevating hedonism as a virtue. Violence is romanticized and sex is distorted and promoted with no restraint. MTV and Hip-Hop are the icons of this new religion, giving rise to a new form of barbarism that is swamped by emotion and prejudice and informed by anger.

The Bible (and history) teaches us that this trajectory leads nowhere good and will not end well. Black clad, masked “Antifa” thugs protesting free speech across the country and the madman who set out to murder politicians at a baseball practice in Northern Virginia are a foretaste of where we are headed.

Yet the destruction of our country is not inevitable. If enough once-godly Americans are moved to rethink the implications of their rejection of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, and if enough Christians troubled by their apathy are moved to leave the comfort of their churches and carry the Word and the Light of Christ into their communities, the tide may yet be turned before it is too late. Establishing the rule of the Prince of Peace in every human heart is the only sure answer to the destructive rule of outlaws and anarchists who answer only to themselves.