Our National Character

by Edward Thal /

For the past 100 years America has been the world’s dominant military power. Twice it has emerged from devastating world wars in a position of undisputed strength. In numerous regional wars the only question ever in doubt has been the political resolve of its leaders, never the unmatched superiority of its weaponry or the fighting skill of its men and women.

Yet there is one feature of America’s military interventions that is seldom mentioned, although it speaks volumes about our national character and our foundational values: in every single war it has fought, regardless of scope or location, America has always been a liberator, never a conqueror!

This is a record unmatched in human history. Typically, strong powers crush the weak and rule them for gain—by contrast, the most America has ever sought from those it has subdued is enough ground in which to bury its dead.

American Christian missionaries who are sent into the world from Bible-believing churches operate on the same principle—they go to places where the Gospel is not being preached to liberate people from the kingdom of darkness, not to Americanize them.  The aim of every missionary loyal to Scripture rather than denominational priorities is to establish a local, independent church in the care of a national pastor, and then move on.

As we enter this 4th of July weekend 2017 years after the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, let us celebrate what is best about our nation, our military and our missionaries. We hold in common deep foundational values based on the life-giving Scriptures that tell of a Creator who loves us so much that He sacrificed Himself to overcome the consequences of our foolish rebellion. And let us pray that these values endure through perilous times when so much of what has made America great is being questioned and discarded.