The Glory in the Temple

By Edward Thal /

Many Christians go to church on Sunday with entirely the wrong attitude: they drag all of their burdens in with them, looking for some relief from God.

But Old Testament worship provides a hint as to what God requires: When His people approached the Temple in Jerusalem it was always with a sacrifice in their hands. The purest form of worship for a New Testament Christian is to present yourself as a “living sacrifice” – Romans 12:1-2! In other words, you should come to church not with the attitude that you want to get something from God, but to give something to God. Your focus should be on Him, not on you.

Leave your burdens at home, leave your wants and needs at home, leave your requests at home, leave your tears and heartbreak at home and come to church with just one thought: I want to be a blessing to God today! (See Jeremiah 17:19-27). God desires that one day of the week should be devoted wholly to Him, focused only on Him, for His pleasure. He has graciously given us six days of the week to focus on our needs, but one day of the week He has reserved for Himself, wherein He desires the Body of Christ to act like Christ and exalt Him!

Let Psalms 149 and 150 be your attitude when you come to church. Understand the principle of giving praise: give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7); give first (Luke 6:38); give your heart (Psalm 51:17).

Imagine how the glory of God would descend on the day when we all come to church with such an attitude!