What Is One Soul Worth?

By Edward Thal /

From the Bible description of the trials and sufferings of Jesus Christ, it seems that your soul is worth a lot to God. According to Philippians 2:7-8, He went so far as to lay aside His reputation and become a servant “made in the likeness of men.”

Then He humbled Himself further and became obedient to a terrible death on a cross. For me. For you.

Our souls are worth a whole lot to God.

Do you think the soul of the person sitting next to you on the plane has equal value in God’s eyes? What about your neighbor, or the stranger across the street? What are their souls worth?

In the terrible story of a man suffering in hell, Jesus gave a clue to the reason why He was willing to sacrifice His glory, His power, His reputation and His own body and soul for us. Our Lord and Savior placed so high a value on a human soul because He knew the terrors of hell, and He knew that without His intervention all of us would be doomed to spend eternity there (see Luke 16:19-24). Think especially about the man’s awareness of his living relatives and his appeal for somebody to warn them about his fate.

Do you think the soul of your neighbor is worth enough for you to begin a conversation about eternity, and destiny, and assurance (or lack of it) about our fate in the next life?

You don’t have to be a fire-breathing preacher to talk about hell! All it takes is genuine concern for those around you, greater than your feelings of inadequacy or personal embarrassment. Jesus calls each of us to be a witness, to go everywhere and share the story of His amazing grace with everyone. He never remarked on our feelings while doing it.