What Will Motivate You In 2018?

By Edward Thal /

As we reach the end of one year and look forward to the next it’s natural to be motivated by the thought of a fresh start. Most people are motivated by the idea that they want to achieve something – not many will think of being a servant as their highest goal. Yet servanthood is a basic principle for success in the Kingdom of God. Jesus showed the way when He told His disciples: Whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all (Mark 10:44).

Real spiritual growth and fellowship with God begins only when we give up the desire to be in charge; when we acknowledge that God has an absolute right to direct us and use us without consulting us as to time, place and purpose. A natural human reaction is to protest that too much is demanded in such a degree of service. Have we no rights? Are we to have no time for ourselves? Does God not care about our plans and priorities?

Jesus answered this perfectly reasonable (by our standards) question when He declared that the first step in becoming His disciples is to crucify our personal wants and likes (Luke 14:27, 33). We must go beyond the idea of servanthood to become His slaves, and slaves have no rights!

If this sounds too radical, consider first that the One who asks this of us showed the way by dying for us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). Then consider that to be God’s slave is to be bound to a heavenly Master whose essence is divine love and whose expression is limitless wisdom and kindness. He wants what is best for us and He knows exactly what that is.

It is clearly in our best interests to do His will in 2018!