Just Say No!

The world today is reeling with undisciplined, entitled individuals. It should come as no surprise considering the way many homes raise their children. We should expect this from the world, and those who do not know the truths of God's Word, but what's worse is that we increasingly find it in our Christian homes as well.

The embedded video below is from Prager University and John Rosemond. While the video is not overtly biblical, the underlying principles are clearly biblical, and I believe crucially important for believing families. The lesson is beneficial to both know and do on a regular basis.

It seems that the statement made famous in the 1980's against drug use should be employed by many parenting today. We should "Just Say No!" when our kids act entitled or need to be reminded of their place in God's designed family order.

Enjoy the video from Prager and consider watching more Prager videos on their website prageru.com or on their Youtube channel.