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  • SUnday Morning 

    Our morning worship is at 10:45a and focuses on exhortation from the Bible.

  • Sunday Evening 

    Our evening worship is at 5:00p and focuses on edification of the body of Christ.

  • Wednesday 

    Our midweek worship is at 7:00p and the focus is on supplication through prayer and Bible study.

  • Music 

    Our worship music is guided by Psalm 96:9 O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. All that we sing and play feeds the spirit of man, not the flesh.


  • LifeStages 

    We have a LifeStage for everyone. Singles through Senior Adults, there is a place of fellowship here for you.

  • Church Activities 

    Once a quarter we do church-wide activities. Picnics, lunches or special events. We love being with fellow believers, and you will too.

  • Services 

    We purposefully have a 30 minute break between our Services and Sunday School so that friendships can be formed and faith can be strengthened.

  • CHildren 

    A natural area of fellowship is through children. Our teens, youth and children departments all are developed to create life-long friendships and family fellowship.


  • program

    We have a coordinated discipleship program for adults and teenagers to better learn and use the Bible in their everyday lives. Use the discipleship link to get started in the program today.

  • Ministry 

    We have men’s and ladies’ ministries and mentoring. The goal of our discipleship ministry is that we would all become followers of Christ.

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