Educational Cooperative

Governing Philosophy
A properly educated Christian is set free to explore the limitless expanses of God’s love, and in turn reflect His light to a dying world.

The Bluegrass Baptist Academy is an integral ministry of Bluegrass Baptist Church and is governed by the church’s purpose: to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love one another, and share the Gospel.

The system of belief that is the foundation of all school teaching and activity is the Statement of Faith of Bluegrass Baptist Church – a conservative, Christ-centered set of doctrines and principles that acknowledges the Word of God as inerrant and as our Final Authority in all matters of faith and practice. The school curriculum will at all times be in harmony with the Statement of Faith.

The school does not exist simply to convey knowledge by means of an approved educational curriculum nor to provide a facility that is only an alternative to public education, but to impart the transforming life of Christ to students in our care. Students and teachers are bound together in a quest not merely for knowledge, as an end in itself, but knowledge that leads to God. We believe that education is ultimately the vehicle that enables an informed perspective on God, His multi-faceted Creation, and the relationship between the two. It is a quest that sets all things in their proper order and brings harmony to the individual life.

Teaching that conveys this belief and learning that fulfills this purpose will be done in an orderly atmosphere through the imposition of discipline in the classroom and the encouragement of self-discipline and Christian virtue in the lives of students. It is our conviction that there are great rewards for both teachers and students as real learning is imbibed in an environment of mutual respect and mutual seeking after wisdom, through the proper application of knowledge gleaned from Christ-centered instruction and example.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to develop the body, soul and spirit of students, to enable them to glorify God as disciples of Jesus Christ, to think biblically and critically, and to make an impact on society through their abilities, their conduct, and by sharing the Gospel.