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The Foundations LifeStage seeks to build up from the foundation of our relationship with Jesus in ways that honor Him and bring joy and blessings to each other. Jason and Jolie Preston are the Foundations LifeStage leaders and would love to hear from you. They have been married for 12 years and have two children, Kate (7) and Graham (4). Phone them on 859-321-1424 or email JPrestonky@gmail.com. The LifeStage group for youngish married couples with smaller children (there are no strict rules here, but that’s a rough guide). Through the year we share fun-filled activities, but there are also times for warm fellowship or quieter get-togethers in our homes. Young families and young single adults face a lot of pressures from the world and it helps to stand strong if we support each other. Our activities and our fellowship are always Christ-centered because He is the source of our strength!
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