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This LifeStage group is for adults aged roughly 45 to 60 who no longer have children at home, or are almost “empty nester”. We’re the group that has reached the top of the hill but has not yet started the slide down the other side! Our goal is to honor God through our fellowship with others. We want to impact our community by reaching those who don’t know Jesus Christ, by bringing more people into our church, and by increasing participation in church life within our group.

We welcome and encourage you to join us for any of our fellowship opportunities and activities throughout the year to see what we’re up to, watch announcements in the Bulletin and on our notice board near the coffee station in our church lobby.

Stuart and Yvonne Thayer are the Horizons LifeStage leaders. Contact them at (502) 570-4905 or by email at ythayer@aol.com or stuthayer@aol.com

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