Welcome to Bluegrass

Bluegrass has ministry and activities for everyone. Our church is built on preaching the Word of God, and our purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love others, and share the Gospel. We welcome the opportunity to share our faith with you — visit us at our next service to see what we are all about!
We have moved into our brand new location at 210 New Coleman Lane just south of Georgetown. If you have not yet been a guest at Bluegrass make this Sunday your first visit!

A LifeStage For You



The Foundations LifeStage for young married couples seeks to build up from the foundation of our relationship with Jesus in ways that honor Him and bring joy and blessings to each other. Jamie and MinYoung Davidson are the Beginnings LifeStage leaders and would love to meet you.



For families with children from ages 6-12. We’re a friendly and fun-loving bunch who enjoy a wide range of Christ-centered activities and fellowships. Our goal is for each of us to grow closer to Christ by having a circle of Christian friends to lean on. Kyle and Jessica Fannin are the Homebuilders leaders.



Our Navigators are those families with teens and early college age children. Our goal as a group is to carefully navigate the changes in life according to the Word of God. Chris and Jennifer Graham, parents of teens themselves faithfully lead this group.



This LifeStage is for those aged 50 to 60 who are “empty nesters”. Our goal is to honor God through our fellowship with others and to impact our community by reaching those who don’t know Jesus Christ. Stuart and Yvonne Thayer are the Horizons LifeStage leaders.



Is possibly the most fun of all our LifeStages. Our golden years may mean we are growing older but that doesn’t mean slowing down! Visitation, personal encouragement and mentorship are all hallmarks of this group in ministry. Our activities and fellowships are fun, enthusiastic and not-to-be missed. Neal and Cookie Deering are the LifeStage directors.



Single young adults have much to offer the church and each other as they develop their walk with God. Activities include hiking, cookouts, bonfire nights, and movie nights.