Pastor, Staff, & Deacons

Kyle Fannin


Pastor Kyle and Jessica Fannin met in 2004, were married in 2005, and now have three sons, Drew, Nate, and Luke. The couple served in full-time ministry at Fairfax Baptist Temple, in Fairfax, Virginia, where Kyle spent his childhood, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, and attended school. It was there that he responded to a call from God to preach the Gospel. In the summer of 2008 Pastor Kyle arrived in Georgetown where he founded Bluegrass Baptist Church. The congregation of two grew to sixteen charter members by December of that year and the church has grown steadily since then, with well over 200 members, regular attenders, and weekly guests by 2022.
We are united by a vision that flows from our Pastor’s personal goals: Love God, Glorify God, and Reach the Lost!

Zach Kirchner

Youth Pastor

Newlyweds Zach and Sarah joined us in 2021 and made an immediate impact on our music ministry which Zach directs with the support of Sarah who plays both piano and violin. Zach also acts as Youth Director and brings his finance education to the support of our bookkeeping and budgeting activities.

Edward Thal

Evangelism & Discipleship

Edward joined us in 2014 with many years of experience in Christian ministry in South Africa, England, and the United States. He is married to Dana, who is active in children’s ministries and Bible studies for ladies. Edward directs our outreach activities, including Neighborhood Evangelism, Gospel Blitz, and a program to welcome newcomers to our community. He also provides support as a preacher and Bible teacher. 

Pam LIndner

Ministry Secretary

Scott and Pam Lindner travelled the world with Scott’s service in the Marines until they and their two children settled in Georgetown in 2016. Pam joined our staff as Ministry Secretary in 2020. She supports each of the ministries at our church and serves as the Finance and Missions Secretary. Scott is a volunteer leader of our audio-visual service and doubles as the church handyman. 

Kathy Marshall

Church Secretary

Kathy and her husband Billy Marshall have been charter members since 2008, supporting our church life in a variety of volunteer activities. In 2017 Kathy became our Church Secretary, a role in which she is responsible for multiple administrative tasks including the compilation and printing of our church bulletins and prayer lists, writing missionary checks, recording visitors and keeping the baptistry clean.  



Jason and Jolie Preston are charter members of Bluegrass Baptist Church. They attended the very first meeting and have been faithful ever since. Jason sings in the choir, serves as the Foundations Lifestage Director, and is a Deacon responsible for coordinating all facilities maintenance and remodeling. Jolie serves in the nursery and teaches in Sunday School. Together they have discipled and mentored individuals and families in our church while raising three of their own children.

Mike Duffy

Deacon & Personal Stewardship

Mike and Geri Duffy joined us in the summer of 2011 and made an immediate impact on our church. For many years Mike traveled in a full-time Evangelistic and Revival ministry. He also served as the Director of Bible Tracts, Inc., the Director of Development at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, as Director of Camp Chetek in Wisconsin, and is the founder of Eternal Vision, Inc., a ministry with a focus on Biblical financial stewardship. At Bluegrass he has taken a leadership role in our financial planning and overall ministry planning, teaches financial stewardship, and is active as a preacher. Geri serves as a children’s Sunday School teacher and is involved with event planning and church decorating.

Ron Fannin

Deacon & Property Maintence

Ron and Pat are Pastor Kyle Fannin’s parents. They moved to Kentucky in 2011, after retiring from government careers in Washington, D.C., and both bring a wealth of experience to our church. Ron served as a deacon for over 24 years at Fairfax Baptist Temple in Northern Virginia, playing a leading role in church organization and community evangelism. At Bluegrass he assists our finance department and outreach ministries. Pat is involved in the choir, as a piano player in some church services, and as a leader in our Women for Christ ministry. 

Chris Graham


Chris and Jennifer Graham have three children. They have been with us since 2012, contributing in many ways to our church life. Chris is responsible as a Deacon for all matters concerning church security and is an avid Gospel witness and valued member of the choir. Jennifer, a former nurse, oversees the nursery where our littlest attenders are well cared for. Together they lead our Homebuilders LifeStage and run our Financial Peace when it is in session.  

Roger Caudill


Roger and his wife Diane joined Bluegrass IN 2015 after resettling in central Kentucky in semi-retirement. Roger’s 30 plus years serving in the military and in Homeland Security took the Kentucky native all over the world. Today he coordinates our men’s ministries and monthly prayer breakfast, co-ordinates Adult Sunday School, where he also teaches, and plans our yearly church calendar. Diane leads our hospitality ministry to provide meals when church families suffer loss, have major surgery, or are in need. Together the Caudill’s bring a joyful enthusiasm and love for Jesus Christ to our members.

Jamie Davidson


Jamie and MinYoung have been members of Bluegrass Baptist Church since December of 2014. Jamie began serving as a Deacon in January 2021. In addition to leading the Beginnings life stage the couple are active  in children’s ministries.