they, continuing daily with one accord...

Acts 2:46-47

Our LifeStages are designed to enhance relationships with believers, establish connection within the body, and encourage others through participation one with another.
Find your place of fellowship with adult groups at stages of life ranging from young college age adults to senior saints.


College and Career Singles supports our youngest adults as they prepare for life independent from their parents, but not from God. We emphasize our joyful relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and our responsibility to reach others for Christ.


Newlyweds and sound-to-be weds this Lifestage is still in development with young couples joining the church regularly.
Stay connected to find out when this group will launch!


Young families with small children. At this stage of life there is much to learn from each other and much enjoyment in sharing the blessings and challenges of growing together in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.


Families with children from ages 6 to 12. We’re a friendly and fun-loving bunch who enjoy warm fellowship and a wide range of Christ-centered activities. Our goal is for each of us to grow closer to Christ within a circle of Christian friends we trust and  lean on.


Families with teens and early college age children learning together how to successfully navigate new challenges in life by reliance on the Word of God and on each other. 


Empty nesters experiencing new possibilities and challenges with a central focus on the Word of God and the mutual support of Christian friends. We honor God through our fellowship and a commitment to sharing the Gospel with others in our community.


Couples in their mid to late 50's through their 60's enjoying fellowship and community.
As our church continues to grow this LifeStage has become a reality! These are homes that are able and ready to continue to be active in Christ within the church!


Our golden years may mean we are growing older but that doesn’t mean slowing down! Personal encouragement, mentorship, and sharing the Gospel with others in our community are hallmarks of this lively group. Our regular activities and fellowships are fun, enthusiastic and memorable. 



Join us on Sundays evenings when we learn from the Bible and spend time in fellowship with others in our LifeStage


We have quarterly activities and seasonal times of ministry together. Contact your LifeStage Director for more information.